The perfume bottle is to the eye – and to touch ! – what the fragrance is to scent, and to assist the creation of a container as unique as its content, Costet Decoration SAS offers its know-how and palette of techniques. In order to complement the perfume’s distinct note and tune itself to the image of the brand, our fabrication instruments offer an extensive scale of possible results and endless combinations allowing for a limitless creative potential. From sober and elegant accomplishments to more ambitious and extravagant projects, Costet Decoration SAS is dedicated to a higher standard of precision respectful of the uniqueness of the bottle so that it may be more than a functional object and remain a true piece of art.


Our services

To ensure rapid and efficient development, we respond to all your requests from shade seeking to prototypes realisation.


Translucent or opaque; flat, gradated, or partial color; metallic, nacre, or diffractive; shiny or satin; laquering dresses the bottle and modifies its nature.

From simple disclaimers to logos and motifs constitutive of a graphic identity, silk screening allows printing upon either virgin or decorated surfaces of the bottle. 

Pad printing palliates the shortcomings of serigraphy and allows for the decoration of concave, convex, and irregular surfaces including the edges of the bottle.

Through hot stamping motifs, logos or text of gold, silver, cooper, or amethyst appearance may be deposited on the previously acid-etched surface of the bottle.

Costet Décoration can contact the glass producer, acting as buyer and tending to the bottle from its production site to the finalizing of the decor within our facilities.